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In a world rocked by economic collapse, social unrest and violent upheaval, it's easy to give up on the dream of world peace. But in Witnessing, author Haile Gebre Egziabher explains how Christianity can heal old divisions and bring all the peoples of the world together - united in their love of God and each other. In this scholarly yet accessible work Haile explores the key tenants of Christianity and how they function to promote worldwide harmony. You'll learn how the Holy Trinity, the Commandments, church sacraments and Christ's own life all add up to a way of living that makes war, division and strife not just unlikely - but unfathomable.

What's stopping us from making that dream a reality? Quite simply, not enough people have surrendered their lives to Christ. But that's starting to change. Packed with powerful scripture, Witnessing will encourage non-believers and casual Christians alike to fully devote themselves to God, while at the same time provide devout Christians with the message they need to share with others. This book captures the basics of the Bible and shows readers how to put God's message into practice in their daily life, in order to lead a more humane and peaceful existence. Whether you're an experienced church leader or someone who has never picked up the Bible, you'll find plenty of food to nourish your spiritual soul inside these pages.

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