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A story about faithfulness, battling personal demons, and overcoming heartbreak and tragedy.

When faced with an immense heartbreak, Doctor Amanda Sloan, a New York City physician, finds herself at a crossroad. Feeling as though everything is being stripped away, life-changing circumstances cause Amanda to relocate to Grand Ronde, Oregon where she takes up residence on the Achantchuyuk reservation. Working in the reservation clinic with a team of General Practitioners, she is immersed in tribal culture and community conflict. Amanda is confronted by her own personal demons. Unaware of the freedom that gallops in the open fields that surround her each day, Doctor Sloan fights her blindness to see the new life that waits for her. The horse. See how it runs...


About the Author

A. Shope

Ashten Shope, an 18-year-old, Pennsylvania native, has experienced much through his travels and living in Alaska and Louisiana. He is an active Honors student who invests time through tutoring and mentoring peers in academics. Also, he is the founder and president of the first chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, the National Mathematics Honor Society, for his High School. With experience in the medical field through community service and internship positions, Ashten is working towards his goal in earning his M.D. and Ph.D. and building a career in medicine and biomedical research.