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Honor and Service…or Life and Love?

Lieutenant Jasmine S. Kendrick—an independent nurse, an officer in the US Navy, and a chess prodigy—is on a quest to help save lives on behalf of her mother, who was tragically taken from her as a child. Subconsciously, she also pines for the affection of her absent military father, a distant yearning from childhood that puts her in harm’s way of a jilted lover, determined to possess her. Petty Officer Marcus T. Patterson, a charming enlisted navy personnel specialist, uses the navy as an escape from his declining Miami neighborhood…and from a long-ago crime he and his sister swore never to bring up again. When tragedy forces Marcus to come face-to-face with his own past, he must answer for a crime he can no longer hide. Jasmine and Marcus meet, and love soon follows. But their relationship is strictly forbidden by military law, and before long, Jasmine finds herself in the ultimate chess match—a game that could destroy her career, her love, and her life. A WAVES Desire is an unforgettable debut novel of deep emotion, featuring characters who are haunted by their past but determined to find their own, elusive fairy-tale ending.


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She fell into her mother’s nurturing arms, pressing against her bosom. “Things are so complicated, Mama. Chances are Marcus and I won’t be together. My career as an officer in the Navy has been jeopardized for getting involved with him because he is an enlisted sailor. And the rift with Dad has grown wide since you were taken from us.” “But you still have so much to do, Jazzy. It’s not your time to be here,” Jessica replied. The possibility of reuniting with her mother gave her comfort. Her mother’s loving arms formed the one place she never felt sad or alone. The unconditional love from her mother on many occasions helped ease a history of painful birthdays filled with disappointment, birthdays imbued with broken promises and the absence of a young daughter’s hero—her father. Now at the age of twenty-three, the weight of lost birthdays, enduring an absent father, having a career in jeopardy, and her current situation with Marcus were all magnified by the persistence of a jilted lover hell bent on possessing her.


About the Author

Emerson Perry

Emerson Perry is a retired sailor of the U.S. Navy. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a passion for poetry and reading, and is a member of Romance Writers of America and First Coast Romance Writers. Perry resides in Jacksonville, FL, where he and his wife—his high school sweetheart—have three daughters.



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