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Have you lost someone you both loved and admired?

“Silver Taps” is the author’s personal journey coming to grips with the loss of his father. It illuminates their relationship and describes what it is to be a hero in the context of love, friendship, and respect. It contains the memories, anecdotes, and musings of a son written down for his children and grandchildren, but will resonate with anyone who fondly remembers a parent whom they loved and who loved them in return. The book also explores the terrible effects of dementia and the dynamics of a family trying to understand and cope with Alzheimer’s disease, their reaction and interaction following the death of a family member, and how faith gives hope to some and raises questions in others. The book’s title pays homage to the traditions at Texas A&M University, the author’s alma mater. The institution, the Corps of Cadets, and its time honored customs serve as the backdrop for the inspirational tribute to a man who served his country in three wars; World War II, Korea, and Vietnam while also caring for family. Whether the reader is looking for inspiration or entertainment, “Silver Taps” delivers.


About the Author

Max L. Knight

Max Knight is a graduate of Texas A&M University (Class of ’73), and a career Army Officer and Counterintelligence Specialist. He is currently retired and lives with his wife, Janet “Gray”, in San Antonio, Texas. This is his first book; a personal memoir of his relationship with his father and a tribute to his alma mater.