Spiritual Awakenings

Finding clarity and hope in our lives

by Victor Contoski and Jolene Andersen


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From Pam Grout, No. 1 New York Times best selling author of E-Squared: 9 DoIt-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove your Thoughts Create your Reality:

From the book, April 21, 2017: Page 252-253: Since we receive messages from the physical universe, and since our bodies exist in that universe, it stands to reason that we also receive messages from our own bodies. Indeed, they send us messages all the time, but these messages seem such a “natural” part of ourselves that often we do not recognize them. When our bodies feel wonderfully refreshed, they indicate something refreshing in our spiritual lives. Pain or dis-ease shows that we need to examine something on the physical and the spiritual level. Bill gave us some very practical advice about listening and attending to our own bodies. Disclaimers: When asked about a physical condition, Bill always reminded us that he is not a medical expert. His advice should never replace the recommendations of medical professionals. What Bill recommends for one person may not work for everyone, since we all have our individual experiences. Bill’s advice should never replace the advice of our individual guides. What he says on illnesses is not meant to be taken as gospel, merely a point from which sufferers can begin to find their own remedies. We wondered if Bill brought healers with him to the class. He explained: “Each of you invites your own healers when you ask the questions. At all times you have the ability to call forth healing entities to assist you.” Nevertheless, people often asked Bill about their general health and wellbeing. They wanted to know the underlying causes of their various ailments as well as the ailments of their loved ones. When the healing they requested did not come in ways they expected, they wanted explanations. Christiana: “When I ask for healing, it doesn’t come. How should we call forth these entities?” Bill: “It’s a form of prayer with a certain amount of faith. Quite often someone will pray for healing. The healing comes. It’s ignored. It wasn’t what they expected. Other times the healing is a path with may steps. You have to go one step at a time. The healing force asks you to be patient.” Christiana: “So it’s not always instant.” Bill: “Correct. Frustration can lead to a downward spiral of disbelief causing you to miss the healing energies that are coming in. Ask for healing and then look for it. Just expect it.” Kay: “I caught a virus from my friend. Next time, how can I avoid the virus?” Bill: “Formulate that intention in your mind. Flush your system with water to prevent infestation. You can also confront the virus head on and tell it you do not permit it.” Kay: “Can you recommend a healer?” Bill: “We don’t do that, but you can find your own. Put your brain to sleep. Run your finger down the list of names in the phone book or on the internet, and you can tell which one is right. If you’re wrong, try again.” Cecily: “In treatment, the chiropractor hit a hot spot, a lifetime belief that nobody likes me. Then I caught the flu.” Bill: “Yes. You stored the poison in your muscles. He unlocked that place and let the poison escape into your body. The fever from the flu enabled your body to burn out the poison.” Cecily: “I said to my body, ‘We can release this.’ Do we actually have that power?” Bill: “Of course. When the chiropractor released the poisons, the viruses took that opportunity to come in. When you said sickness is not an option, they began to leave. You’re on the road to complete healing, not only from the viruses but from the fear.”


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Many people have anxiously awaited this book. Jo’s journey with her spirit guide Bill has spanned five decades. Finally, in 2004, she and Vic began teaching some of the principles she learned along the way. Guided by Bill and his “Committee of 12,” Vic and Jo have taught dozens of classes, conducted numerous workshops, and offered channeled sessions to the public. These teachings agree with many presented by other learned masters throughout the ages. Nevertheless, they are particularly relevant to the present day, as we understand time. The world is rapidly changing as Humans reach a new level of evolution. The old order is dying, even as many incarnate souls try to bring back what they perceive as “the good old days” of hate and division. The rest of the race rapidly moves into a new era of unity and love. Heroes spring up overnight as enlightening souls rise to meet new challenges. This book offers guidance as we step into the abyss of uncertainty, certain only of The Light. Bill explains the changes we experience with such trepidation in this way: “When you graduate to this side (die), you see that so much of what we take seriously on earth plane is truly a comedy of errors with huge resentments and lack of forgiveness. And these things are so minor compared to the Love of God.” Page 285.


About the Author

Victor Contoski and Jolene Andersen

Victor Contoski, professor emeritus at Kansas University, has written numerous poetry books. His work has appeared in umpteen anthologies. His most recent book is a memoir entitled, Adventures at the Monroe Institute. Jolene Andersen is a retired cabinetmaker and ex-Mayor of Lawrence, KS. She has been in close contact with her spirit guide Bill for over 45 years.