When Winning Hurts

Based on True Events

by Porfirio Barrera


Book Details

The hardest hits came from off the field.

They knew they weren’t perfect. They were far from heroes. But in Philadelphia, they became legends. “When Winning Hurts” is the debut novel from Philadelphia native, Porfirio Barrera. Join the author as he delves into the deeply flawed lives of the 1991 George Washington Eagles. Follow the season as it serves as a backdrop for an unflinching look at a crew of inner-city misfits. Journey along with the players as they search for their identities both on and off the field. Sordid tales. Glory lost and gained. Lives ended.


About the Author

Porfirio Barrera

The season would define them more than they could ever imagine and take them into each others hearts forever. Often hilarious, at times excruciating, you will rise up and cheer as the Eagles season reaches the brink. When the last page turns, they will be a part of your family.