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A provoking account of the clash and evolution of cultures in the Americas.

With over 50 million Latinos living in the U.S., there is an immense need for positive information on the diverse Latino cultures and experiences from our point of view. As a man of Puerto Rican descent who was able to break out of the impediments of life in the South Bronx during the sixties, I have the biological component and internal need to compassionately and accurately relay this story of a culture and a people made extinct, to the difficulties and humor encountered in assimilation. Many Latinos have felt the confusion living in a culture that makes little attempt to recognize the many positive things in our heritage. This book attempts to fill that void by providing a window from the cultural beliefs of a people to the urban experiences of a family attempting to assimilate into a new culture. The Noble One is a well-researched, historically accurate book which respectfully tells of the cultural beliefs and mythology of the pre-Columbian people from their point of view, accurately portraying the senseless extermination of a people by the European encounter and concludes with the assimilation of their descendants in the 21 century. This respectfully composed mixture of historic and biographical facts create an appealing humane story as we follow generations of a family shattering the “macho culture” image of Latino society offering a window to the softer and more accurate matriarch based culture. Enhanced with historically accurate local cultural mythology, this book targets an informed public with textbook grade information relaying the Latin-American experience while offering a pleasurable flowing novelesque read. It simply opens a door for all our co-citizens to who we are.


About the Author

E. Perez Santiago

Ezequiel Perez Santiago was born in Puerto Rico, raised in NYC, educated in the NYC public school system and studied architecture at the CUNY School of Architecture. He is married, has raised 2 children and presently resides in Bentonville, AR.