Quotable Quotes

by Michael A.T. Stewart


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This book was published to give you quick, short boosts of motivational vitamins to be taken daily or as needed. It contains over 125 quotes gathered from Michael A.T. Stewart’s speeches and coaching sessions. These motivational and inspirational quotes are drawn from over 15 years of experience in sharing life changing ideas.


About the Author

Michael A.T. Stewart

Michael A.T. Stewart is a dynamic Keynote Speaker trained by one of the top five Motivational Speakers in the world; Mr. Les Brown. He is a well sought after speaker for high school graduations, company events and church conferences throughout the Caribbean and the USA. As a trainer, his presentations are simple yet profound. Mr. Stewart is an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker of John Maxwell’s Team and media personality having appeared on many radio and television programs. He is a weekly motivational columnist in the newspapers. Michael lives in Trinidad and Tobago and serves as the President of Tobago Professional Speakers Toastmasters Club and 2013 winner of prepared speech contest. He is a counselor, trained mediator, a Licensed Marriage Officer and author of four other books; Get Yourself Up, Four Reasons Why Relationships Fail, 7 Keys to Unlock the Mystery of Men and Back on Track (kindle edition).

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