Mr. or Ms. JUST Right

Because Mr. or Ms. RIGHT does not exist!

by B. Grace


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Your Mr. or Ms. JUST Right could be just around the corner or standing right before you at this very moment! But how do you recognize your perfect mate? What signs can lead you in the right direction? What questions should you be asking—and what are the correct answers? Do you ever feel like love is simply a big gamble?

Well, gamble no more! The answers you’re seeking are right at hand. Mr. or Ms. JUST Right will teach exactly how to recognize your perfect mate and build a successful relationship. Mr. or Ms. JUST Right answers your most burning questions: * How to identify the JUST Right person for you * How to avoid entering the wrong relationship * How to know when it’s time to gracefully exit a relationship * How to “seal the deal” with Mr. or Ms. JUST Right * How to maintain a successful union based on acceptance, respect, and trust (ART) Whether you’re single, dating, or married, the advice in these pages will help you take the confusion out of romance and will give you a reality-based, common-sense approach to making all potential relationships succeed to it fullest.


Book Excerpt

TESTIMONIALS: “I should have read this book two husbands ago!” Wanda Graham, Homemaker “This read is a dose of good common sense sprinkled with humor and a pinch of reality.” Vetta Holman, Counseling & Wellness, UNC–Chapel Hill “At the end of the day, this stuff will save your relationship.” Debby James, Attorney “If everyone listened to B. Grace, half the divorce lawyers in this country would be out of business.” J. T. Krutz, Divorce Attorney


About the Author

B. Grace

B. Grace is happily married with a wonderful son. She graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, and now resides in North Carolina with her family. As an artist, she makes sure the brush strokes on the canvas of her life are filled with beauty. Her many years of working in her family’s salon gave B. Grace the perfect opportunity to observe relationships—especially romantic ones. She quickly recognized that many of her clients had the same goals and questions: “I want to find Mr. Right!” “How do you know if someone is Ms. Right?” “What is real love?” Inspired by these questions, B. Grace kept a diary of both these interactions and the conversations she had with clients that shed light on a relationship’s chances of survival. She saw a very clear pattern emerge, and her observations culminated in the advice that this book offers. B. Grace gives special thanks to the one and only Creator of her life; to her clients for all of the joy they have brought her as they have gossiped, shared, and imagined with her; and to her parents for molding her into a woman who can recognize wisdom when she sees it.