Truth's At Distance

Story One of the 'One Life Stand' Series

by Robert Lovelle Rooks


Book Details

What causes a man to fall from his pinnacle? Meet Percy James, a man enjoying a successful career with the money to buy the expensive sports cars he loves so dearly, a man with a young daughter who he loves and who loves him, a man who’s just met the most beautiful and perfect woman in the world. But when the cracked rocks that Percy James’ mountain is built upon begin to crumble, he faces the ultimate challenge that may not leave him able to stand.


Book Excerpt

“Cupcake,” he wept. Over and over, while wallowing in the same clothes he left the hospital in. His hair was unkempt, and his beard and side burns looking more like poorly trimmed muttonchops. He wanted to send a text to the guys back in Kuwait to let them know one of three things: He was going to be late getting back, he quit, or he was going to kill himself. The latter he did actually think about. Briefly. Then he realized the reason why he felt so bad would be a moot point if he were dead. Then he remembered he had no phone.


About the Author

Robert Lovelle Rooks

Robert L. Rooks lives in Central Texas but works worldwide in places such as South Korea, and Southwest Asia as a Defense Support Contractor. He spends his free time going to car shows and spending time with his big family of five eating out or playing the Wii. He also likes to go bowling weekly, and ride sport/street motorcycles. All the while he still finds time to write blogs and stories.

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