Counting My Blessings

A Voice of Seasons

by Mark Escobar


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Echoes of the Past

Like anyone else, I am a product of my own times, reared in a democratic sense reflected in my Filipino culture; and encouraged to work hard on how I could carry out my calling in a life dedicated completely to God. Of greatest concern is the inner struggle between the challenges of discipleship and the temptations of earthly inclinations. My determination to embrace the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in the religious life enabled me to trust that God will never lead me where his grace cannot keep me. My conversation with life braces for countless experiences with competing voices and values that challenge my sense of purpose and commitment to faith. I welcome them as a positive force in the chemistry of my human development with its great impact on my spiritual life. There are clusters of incidents that center around each encounter with God and in this context highlights a kind of all embracing theme of gratitude in my journey. It gives vivid meaning to the language of faith that occupies most of my life as a missionary priest with that continuing attitude to count my blessings.


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Mark Escobar

Fr Mark A Escobar, C.S., born and raised in the Philippines, is a member of the Missionaries of Saint Charles, also known as Scalabrinians. His writings reflect a hodgepodge of experiences with a combination of learning and interest in other disciplines. As a missioner, he holds with St. Augustine that “we must judge our discourses by their effect on our hearers.” Charity is his watchword.

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