MY TURN: The Knight Affairs Trilogy

by Nathan Seven Scott


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Star reporter Courtney R. Knight lands the opportunity of a lifetime to head the social media division at a high-profile media firm. But, drama, mystery and murder unfold when he gets caught up in a whirlwind of high intrigue between rival moguls, a jealous ex-lover and a host of colorful characters amidst the electrifying backdrop of New York City. "Nathan Seven Scott masters the art of graphic and captivating story-telling in this psycho-thriller I could not put down. His writing is positively riveting. I found myself clutching the book in suspense, waiting to see what Courtney would do next" - Lisa Skye, Author of the charitable I Love Corn cookbook, Summer 2012


About the Author

Nathan Seven Scott

Motivational speaker, life coach, producer and now author can be added to the list of accomplishments by Nathan Seven Scott. Nathan currently resides in New York City where he wrote his provocative, debut novel My Turn: The Knight Affairs Trilogy. Nathan has worked in various aspects of media ranging from television to print. His passion for empowering others led him down this journey into publishing. Nathan has inspired many and hopes to empower others to tell their story because he believe that everyone has one. For more information visit Nathan on Facebook or Twitter or at