Who Was That Baby?

A Christmas Story

by Calvin Glenn Watson


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<“Who Was That Baby?” is a must have

collectible for your family library, filled with warmth, love and tradition.

“Who Was That Baby?” not only share the story of the birth of Christ, but it guides us from the very point at the beginning from where that birth, for that purpose, had to take place. As you read this story, it won’t take you long before you realize that God has already blessed you with the gift of sight; and if you can hear the story being told, you know you have the gift of hearing, and if you can feel the love as the story unfolds, then you know you have the gift of compassion. You being touched by this story, for me is the gift of satisfaction of knowing that God has effectively used me to bless you.


Book Excerpt

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll become rejuvenated as you travel through the pages of this story, with these characters, as though you are there with them, experiencing every adventure, witnessing every testimony. You will find it to be exciting to take up mental residency in this small countryside town. “Who was that baby?” will make you, the reader, feel right at home.


About the Author

Calvin Glenn Watson

Born in New Orleans, La in 1953. Served in and retired from the U.S. Air Force. I moved to San Antonio Texas in 2004. A father of 10, grandfather of 18; I love the Lord, I love family. Married to my wonderful wife Linda Newton Watson (author of the book “Going from Mourning to Morning”). I am embarking upon my next retirement real soon and hope to continue to write and inspire others.

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