The Cross and the Psychiatrist

Hope & Recovery

by Terry L. Dorn


Book Details

SELF HELP IN ITS FINEST FORM. Remaking your life from the inside out.SELF HELP IN ITS FINEST FORM.

Remaking your life from the inside out.

A story about a life that

fell apart and is mended

by faith. When a person

experiences a mental

breakdown he is treated like

he’s not even two years old.

Terry Dorn has experienced

torture as a child, lived on

the streets in Minneapolis

Minnesota at age ten.

He Slept in box cars and

vacant houses at fi rst.

Was hospitalized several

times for observation as

a teenager. He had to

fi ght to not receive shock

treatments at age fi fteen.

Terry is a bounce back

person and has become

a hero to many who have

experienced a major

psychiatric challenge.


Book Excerpt

Six years of therapy had been almost useless, but after a little less than a year with a puppy and I began doing better. My dreams of doing a book for others was called a delusion of grandeur by my therapist.


About the Author

Terry L. Dorn

Terry Dorn left home at the age of ten due to torture and abuse. Many teachers told Terry he could not be a writer because of his education. He has published a book for Washington State Mental Health system and has been the editor of a newspaper. "You must learn to turn your problems into lessons". The real power in this life is (FAITH) and beleiving in ones dreams! Terry's ability to see the good in people has helped many individuals to return to a productive life.



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