Satan's Bulge

A recounting of the Palmdale dragon hysteria as reported by

by J R Kapz


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Can myth ever point to fact?

Do you believe our government would knowingly cover up certain important facts or events for "the common good?" Ask yourself, “Who really shot JFK? What happened at Roswell? What is being hidden in Area 51?” Today’s stories turn into rumors before achieving that strange status of urban myth. Could this narration be one of them?


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Sheriff Goddard interrupted, “Do we have a real problem here? And, if so, what do you brains suggest as a course of action?”
His abrupt and brusque pragmatism caught everyone up short. Rob answered first. “Well, for starters we need Homeland Security to declare a truce. And Padre,” he looked at the priest still standing quietly behind the sofa, “you need to get any folks who are still across the street out of here before the dragon shows up again. You saw the tape. Folks could get hurt.”
The priest stood still for a second, then began slowly shaking his head no. “You talk as if this thing we are seeing is a dragon. You explain how it got here in typical scientific terms, all theory, unproven and confusing. But there is another, simpler explanation, one with history and logic behind it. Only a small handful of men remain in the camp. I will go to them, but we will not be leaving. Rather, our small army will stand united to fight a battle much larger than the one you conjecture.”
“What are you talking about, Padre?” Sheriff Goddard asked. “What’s your explanation for all this?”
“This is no dragon. It is Satan. There is already a name for your parallel world, Rob. It is called Hell. This bulge, it is Satan’s bulge.” With a tight smile, the priest bowed slightly to them all. They watched in stunned silence as he turned quickly toward the door and left the cabin.


About the Author

J R Kapz

As a writer, J R Kapz has been able to piece together facts and theories from many separate disciplines. In this book he weds ancient tales with modern research to present a record detailing the specifics surrounding a recent California phenomenon. Though now discredited by official sources, threads of evidence winding through this narrative can still be found by the diligent researcher. Read it for yourself. Visit the actual sites where this drama unfolds. Then, decide how much of it is true.
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