The Studio of South - The Romantic Book

by Mário Fortunato


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By 1888 when moved to Arles in South of France, the Dutch Master VINCENT VAN GOGH, revealed the dream to establish a STUDIO OF SOUTH, a community of Painters that would work with the strong color of those luminous places.

This book, illustrates the MIRACULOUS recover of the STUDIO OF SOUTH. It is first of all a romantic adventure with more than 100 years, or simply a "TRANSFIGURATION MOUNTAIN".

A Portuguese Proverb: "Uma imagem vale mais que mil palavras" - One image is worth more than a thousand words.

From David Brooks of the website THE VINCENT VAN GOGH GALLERY

"Good quotes (like by DE MORAES about Japan). The Ursule Blanche character is an interesting one. Interesting comments about science eventually aligning with CHRIST's teachings."


Book Excerpt

They followed and after we went up the stairs and found Flowers Market, the lady began to cry. The man asked her : “Ursule , is there any problem?” She replied , “I found at last, the place of my most beautiful dream!” She tried thank me, I however have disappeared .


About the Author

Mário Fortunato

Mário Fortunato has the Physics Course, as well some International Prizes as Painter and writer. Mário Fortunato has developed his expert career in painting since 1994, as collaborator of his familiar painter Helena Amaral, executing in 1998 her web site HELENA AMARAL (The Flowers Painter):

Since then, he took a fruitful career that included the Publishing of the book GLADIOLI IN STILL LIFE (HELENA AMARAL... JUSQUE VINCENT VAN GOGH) by The Société des Écrivains (Paris) in 2002 and in 2004 he got the vision of recover the VAN GOGH´s greatest dream, THE STUDIO OF SOUTH.

The work, THE STUDIO OF SOUTH-The Romantic Book, is the result of a great scientific Investigation and Artistic inspiration Revealing in an exciting way the something GRAND behind some paintings since VAN GOGH.