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2012 is coming... The clock is ticking...
The code must be deciphered...
And only one man can save the planet...
If he can just figure out how...
Before it's too late.

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Book Excerpt


Seated in the meditation chair, Banyon was now confident about
what he was doing. Angela’s confidence, on the other hand, was not
quite at the same level. He could feel her anxiety from across the room
as she stood behind him in the dark by the door.

“Don’t worry,” he said in his best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice,
mimicking the character from the Terminator movie. “Ah’ll be bok.”

Angela rolled her eyes. “Can we just get on with it, please?”

Banyon straightened himself in the chair, inhaled deeply and let it
go slowly. Staring into the glow of the candlelight as it danced
seductively on the folds of the curtain before him, he began intoning
the mantra.

By the third cycle of the repetition Angela was becoming more
relaxed. The tension began to leave her body and she leaned back
against the door. Soon she felt the deep warm drone of Banyon’s voice
literally absorbing into every fiber of her being. Several times she had
to shake her head to keep her eyes from closing. Suddenly she realized
Banyon had stopped chanting the mantra. The only sound in the room
was the haunting reverberations of the didjeridoo.

Banyon had concluded the ninth cycle of repetitions. The familiar
ball of energy ascended from the base of his spine upward through his
body, culminating at the point between his eyes. His body quaked
involuntarily from the rush and suddenly, as he had anticipated, he
was outside his body. Even though it was exactly what he’d expected,
he was still awed by the experience. His etheric body turned to look at
Angela whose attention was still focused on his physical body sitting
in the chair. Obviously she was not aware of his etheric presence in the
room. He was about to move toward her - to see if she would have any
reaction at all, any sign of a response if he attempted to touch her – but
he was distracted by his own feeling of another presence approaching.
He looked around but saw nothing. Then it appeared.

Manifesting before him, a million tiny particles of refracting,
swirling lights coalesced into a single vertical column reaching the
entire height of the ceiling. Now he was face to face – such as it were -
with the Pillar of Light, the Teacher.

On the one hand, it was exactly what he’d expected. What he
hadn’t expected was the feeling of reverence that now overwhelmed
him as he stood in the presence of what he knew was his own higher
self. If he’d ever felt humbled by anything in his entire life this was
one of those times. He stood, staring at the brilliant apparition,
wondering what he should do next. He glanced over at Angela. She
was still watching his physical body. Clearly, she was oblivious to the
phenomenon taking place right there in the same room yet separated
by the veil of another dimension. He turned back to the Pillar of Light
and decided to attempt communication.

“How is this happening?” he asked.

The brilliant glow of the light seemed to pulse brighter in response
and Banyon heard the reply inside his own head. "The shape of the
number nine is phi spiral geometry. The golden mean spiral is the
curve of the universe."

Banyon was confused. “I don’t understand. What does that mean?
How is this happening?

The light pulsed again. "The vibration of the number nine is the key."

Banyon could only surmise that this answer was some sort of a
reference to the vibratory frequency of the mantra. He wanted to press
for a clearer answer but felt strangely intimidated and oddly ashamed
of what he perceived as his own ignorance. Gazing into the brilliance
of the apparition before him he found it hard to imagine that this
awesome spectacle was, in any way, somehow part of himself. But he
needed to know. “What are you?” he asked.

The light pulsed. "I am the light of your soul."

The answer – although it came from the light – seemed to originate
from somewhere deep within himself. “And what am I?” he asked.

The light pulsed. "You are the Chosen One."


About the Author

Gary Val Tenuta

Gary Val Tenuta is a freelance writer/illustrator living in the Pacific Northwest. His articles and illustrations have appeared in various publications including Fate Magazine (U.S) and Beyond Magazine (U.K.) and on the TV show, Strange Universe. He has been a guest on a number of radio programs including Dreamland, hosted by best selling author Whitley Strieber; The X-Zone, hosted by Rob McConnell; and the No.1 rated BlogTalk Radio show, "Now That's What I'm Talking About", hosted by Louise Aveni.