Marshmallows and Bikes

Teaching Children (and Adults) Personal Finance

by Brian Nelson Ford

Marshmallows and Bikes

Marshmallows and Bikes

Teaching Children (and Adults) Personal Finance

by Brian Nelson Ford

Published Sep 28, 2007
36 Pages
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Beginner


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The children in our lives are treasured gifts – we love them. We want them to better understand money and begin life with the right financial habits. We desire to provide them with the best educational opportunities and materials available.

Marshmallows and Bikes is a wonderful, fun story of two children learning the basics of personal finance.

Through an entertaining sequence of events with captivating pictures and artwork, Marshmallows and Bikes will help children:

• Understand the importance of delayed gratification
• Develop a greater desire to work
• Enhance their ability to reason and make sound financial decisions
• Acquire a deeper sense of gratitude
• Cultivate the habit of saving

Parents will also enjoy a special section of the book created specifically for them entitled, “Tips and Ideas for Parents – Teaching Children Personal Finance.” Marshmallows and Bikes will be a wonderful addition to any child’s life. For more information, please visit us at


About the Author

Brian Nelson Ford

Brian Nelson Ford, Founder and President of Mainstay Financial Education has a passion for teaching personal finance. He takes great pride in helping people reach their financial goals and achieve their dreams.

Brian received Bachelor Degrees in Marriage, Family and Human Development as well as in Business. Further, Brian received a Masters Degree in Personal Finance.

Through his experience as a financial planner combined with his background in business and education, Brian is uniquely qualified to impact people’s lives for good.

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