The Broken World

Artlysium Presents

by Bryan A. Hill


Book Details

Enter a world no one could have ever imagined possible…

Bryan, a teenage activist, is coming of age during harsh times, as an emerging new government threatens to take over his southern hometown. The Broken World follows this young revolutionary’s journey of self-discovery as he makes a stand against injustice in order to restore hope for his family—but with his back against the wall, it’ll take every ounce of Bryan’s strength to survive this challenge. See what unfolds in this freaky new world filled with a cast of funny and dangerous characters. The Broken World is a captivating thriller and a heartwarming love story that explores the concepts of truth and justice from the inside out.


About the Author

Bryan A. Hill

Bryan Hill is an up-and-coming artist from Little Rock, AR, where he has founded Artlysium Inc., a growing community that creates positive enlightenment for the world through all art forms. Bryan and his team at Artlysium Inc. are currently creating a feature film to complement The Broken World, set to start filming in 2017, and plans are under way for a studio album as well. For more information, visit Bryan’s website at