A Primer of Psychology According to A Course in Miracles

by Joe R. Jesseph


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Excerpts from this book may be read on the author's blog. Search on the key word "psychology" here: http://www.xanga.com/ralphjos

"For those interested in learning about the integration of psychology and spirituality, Dr. Jesseph's book, is excellent. It also presents in a unique way an overview of the principles and metaphysics of A Course in Miracles."
- Ruth R. Gillman, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Temple University; student of ACIM since 1989

"In this book Dr. Jesseph gives us a clear and concise understanding of the basic themes taught in A Course in Miracles, and how Freud's insights are relevant to these teachings. This is an excellent book."
- Martha Street, Moderator for Course Talk, an ACIM discussion group on the Internet; the Course has been her path since 1980

"Joe's patiently thorough style answers questions even before they arise, making this work an invaluable learning aid and reference guide for beginners and advanced students of ACIM alike. I was exposed to his writings beginning in 2003. The years since have been the most astoundingly pivotal years of my life."
- Barb Beaven, Moderator for Course Talk and student of the Course since 2001

"This 'Primer' clarifies Jesus gentle use of psychology in removing the ego's blocks to love. As a student of the Course since 1996 and a former psychology major, I am grateful to Dr. Jesseph for educating me without boring me."
- Tom Smith, Assistant Moderator for Course Talk and dedicated student of the ACIM path

"This 'Primer,' focusing upon the psychology of A Course in Miracles, is just what a struggling student needs! Here is a clear and complete treatment of how modern psychology and Jesus' psychology come together in the practice of the Course, and how they also remain different in the way they approach correction of our problems. If you are a new student or an old-timer as I am (since 1982), you will gain from Dr. Jesseph's patient and useful explanation of what the psychology of the Course means as we seek to gain the peace promised by the Course."
- Gene Fessenbecker, long-time, dedicated student of ACIM and founder of the Construction Contracting Academy; author of 16 books

"This book not only stands on its own as an informative and inspiring read about the psychology of A Course in Miracles, it also serves as an introductory explanation and prelude to the Course itself."
- Melody Vantucci, serious student of the Course since 2003

"For several years I have had the pleasure of studying Joe Jesseph's manuscripts, essays and posts on the Internet regarding A Course in Miracles. His grasp and clarity of explaining the Course have been central in my understanding of it. This 'Primer' is insightful and especially helpful in the continuation of Joe's teachings."
- John G Steiner, student of the ACIM path for over 20 years

"For someone who does not have an educational background in psychology, this book is a god-send. It offers a topical view of psychological theories and concepts with the spiritual interpretations of ACIM. If you are new to the Course, be assured you will be well informed. If 'Jesus' is a prickly word to you, fasten your seat belt."
- Sarah Favret, ACIM student for 22 years, 15 years as study group facilitator


Book Excerpt

It is no accident that the scribe of the Course and her colleague were professional psychologists who had been schooled in both experimental and clinical traditions, and it is within the framework of traditional psychology that many of the terms and concepts of the Course are found. Indeed, it can be said that the language and conceptual form (though not the content, or underlying message) of the psychology found in A Course in Miracles depends upon the genius of Sigmund Freud and would not have been possible without the hundred plus years of development in western psychological thought that preceded it. However, as with terms and concepts that it draws from religion, the Course offers an understanding that is quite different from the traditional, beginning with the fact that its concept of mind is unlike anything attempted in traditional psychology, and no doubt unacceptable to traditional psychologists whose metaphysical premises are those of the ego's dualistic thought system.


About the Author

Joe R. Jesseph

Joe Jesseph describes himself as a “seeker” who did not always know what he was searching for, but looking back can see that his path consistently led, however winding, toward A Course in Miracles. Along the way he received an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Wyoming and spent many years as a college counselor as well as a licensed psychologist in private practice. He has been interested in metaphysical and spiritual literature, studies in altered states of consciousness, psychic phenomena and parapsychology. Some of the important sign posts along his path include the Edgar Cayce material, the Seth material by Jane Roberts, the writings of J. Krishnamurti and studies in yoga, including a month-long retreat with Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad. He has been a student of the Course since 1987 and a member of the Foundation for A Course in Miracles’ staff from 1989-92. Since that time he has worked closely with the Foundation in a volunteer capacity and regards the Foundation’s president, Kenneth Wapnick, as his teacher both academically and by the example of his life. He has written widely about the Course on the Internet, and those writings have culminated in this book.



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