The Afterlife has found it's voice and now it won't stop talking!

by Susan Norgren & Harriette Schwartz



The Afterlife has found it's voice and now it won't stop talking!

by Susan Norgren & Harriette Schwartz

Published Nov 30, 2007
216 Pages
Genre: SELF-HELP / Spiritual


Book Details

What is a LOST PALLIE?

Lost Pallies, is a collection of incredible experiences depicting the animated afterlife. Blending laughter and tears, drama and fear, Lost Pallies’ stories will excite and entice you to reach out to your own lost loves.

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This treasure trove of true tales will leave you begging for more, with an expanding awareness of the endless potential lurking around every corner.

Lost Pallies answers all your questions and then some. From psychics to trance mediums, from table-tipping to Ouija boards, you will be equipped to traverse the barriers of time and space with a new understanding and expanding love.

Losing our friends and family from the physical world is hard, but finding them in spirit isn’t impossible.


Book Excerpt


When we lose those close to us due to death, the silence of that loss is deafening. Sometimes a portal opens and in bits and pieces we have fleeting signs that indeed the afterlife exists.

It truly does seem that family and friends do find a way to connect with us in their new life on the other side.

Brotherly Love is a favorite of mine. In this story, the spirit of one brother who died riding his motorcycle comes back to protect the lives of his two brothers, pushing the same bike for speed and nearly crashing, but for the protection of the spirit brother.

Pet Messages tells the story of Rocky, a pooch spirit a little miffed with his former owner for not making the new doggie go to school. Rocky specifically comes through in a reading to make sure the new pup pays his dues.

However, as we learn in Sandy And The Spirits Of The San Bernardino Mountains not all spirits are accommodating and kind.

We have seemingly opened a portal and a path to the voices of the spirit world. There is an amazing amount of contact from so many LOST PALLIES sending their messages to those still here in the physical.

We dedicate this book and the stories between its covers to the spirits and souls who have those messages to impart and to those of us still here and lucky enough to receive them.


About the Author

Susan Norgren & Harriette Schwartz

Susan Norgren is a psychic/medium,and the host of her internet radio show PSYCHIC BUZZ at


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