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Jake was a fifteen-year old runaway from West Texas who was a nothing, a zero—he didn’t care about anybody and nobody cared about him. That was until he found himself hiding under the bleachers of an ice arena in northern Wisconsin where he discovered hockey. He was mesmerized by the shimmering perfection of the ice and the flow and power of the game. One problem—he didn’t know how to skate. Jake vowed he would lie, cheat, even steal, to make his dream come true. This is a story about persistence and self-discovery, the drive to achieve the impossible, and the hunger to belong to something meaningful, all because of his love for the game.


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Sharon Traner

Sharon is retired nurse, mother of eight, and grandmother of twelve who has spent over thirty-five years sitting in far-flung, upper Midwest ice rinks, watching her sons and grandsons play the game of hockey. This novel is a labor of love, dedicated to the players, coaches, and countless parents who troop through snow, sleet, and ice storms to get their kids to the arena on time. However, she has endeavored to make this book more than a “hockey story.” It’s a novel that encompasses teenage highs and lows, their insecurities and fears, the joy of triumphs, and bitter despair of self-doubt. She hopes you enjoy her efforts.

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