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Wisdom search: The Human Task

What IS the best way to live? There are many answers to that question. All religions provide them. Some great philosophers explored the question and shared their results. All of these sources can be useful but wisdom, unlike the accumulation of theories and facts, is always a discovery process. It has to be the truth by which a person ACTUALLY lives. How to find this wisdom? First, ask the right questions. Second, learn how to discover important truths within one’s own experience. Third, have access to a variety of wisdom resources that can inspire and guide the search. This little book can help with all three of those tasks. Read it and see.


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Carolyn Sweers

I have been a life-long searcher for wisdom beginning in early childhood. I grew up on an Iowa farm. The vastness of the sky drew my spirit out and up. Seedtime and harvest, births and deaths, gave me much to ponder. (For more details about this, read my little book: Earth, Air, Fire and Water: Recollections of an Iowa Childhood.) The quest for wisdom continued when I encountered philosophy in college. After graduate school, I had the good fortune to become a teacher, first for high school students and later older adults. These classes provided a way to invite others to join the wisdom search. I have come to understand that wisdom is insights about life which can be verified in experience. They do not have to be accepted on authority. They do require that seekers be willing to think, to explore, to dialogue with others. The result? A life that is rich in wonder and appreciation. At least, that has been my experience.

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