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Teddi McCoy and her friends are trapped in a dangerous ancient maze . . .

A mysterious Florida earthquake pushes up a terrifying edifice and two stonehenges from the bowels of the Everglades. The centuries-old stone structures are merely the launching points for a dark subterranean catacomb! Once the earthquake settles, Police chief Dex Lowe and an archeology professor are kidnapped and transported to the derelict swamp structure. However, the kidnapping is merely a cover. The captors are actually hunting for pirate treasure hidden in the maze, and the professor knows where it is located. An unknown malicious force exterminates the captors in the top settlement level. Before the hostages flee the nightmare place, the same wicked power convinces the police chief the professor is vile. Dex shoots and kills him. When Dex returns to the police station, Teddi McCoy and Jackson LaFevre convince him to revisit the eerie edifice. Against his better judgment, he finally agrees. Once inside death’s labyrinth, they confront countless fiendish monsters. With horror lurking on every level, can the group dodge the wicked entities and destroy the ancient terror—a self-proclaimed pagan god? Or, will they succumb to its evil force?


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David Brookover

David Brookover is the author of sixteen (16) critically acclaimed horror thrillers. He now resides in Ohio where he enjoys its changing seasons. “Friend” David on Facebook and learn about his upcoming projects.

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