Sir Thomas Cat and Me and Stories my Grandpa Told

Books for Children and Adults

by Stanley Yokell

Sir Thomas Cat and Me and Stories my Grandpa Told

Sir Thomas Cat and Me and Stories my Grandpa Told

Books for Children and Adults

by Stanley Yokell

Published Feb 29, 2020
161 Pages
Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Activities


Book Details

Two Books for Children and Adults

The first of these two books tells the story of Roberto Gonzales, who speaks and understands Cat, and his conversations and activities with Sir Thomas Cat, who understands English. The second book is a compendium of short stories that begins with a Welsh hare telling his story and follows dogs telling their stories and the events in the Stone family that accent the activities of Pebble Stone the smallest child of the Stone family.


Book Excerpt

Sir Thomas Cat, a Seal, and Me

We were sitting on a bench at Larkspur Landing watching seals, some of which were nursing their young. Sir Thomas Cat stared at them.

He kept staring at the seals. When one came up on
the pier out of the water, Sir Thomas decided to get
closer to satisfy his curiosity about what the seal was eating.
I warned him, “Sir Thomas, curiosity killed the cat.”
He sniffed and responded, “But satisfaction revived him.”

He went right up to the seal’s mouth. The seal opened
wide. Perhaps she thought Sir Thomas was a dentist. Sir
Thomas slid into the seal’s mouth. The seal closed his mouth
and Sir Thomas slid down into the seal’s stomach.

Soon there were yowls of distress as Sir Thomas screamed, “Let me out
of here. It stinks. And there are still half-digested live fish
swimming around. It’s disgusting.”

I took pity on Sir Thomas, went over to the seal and
pried open its mouth. “Climb out,” I said, holding the seal’s
mouth open.
Soon after a bedraggled, Sir Thomas popped out of the
seal’s mouth. I asked Sir Thomas, “Curiosity satisfied?”

He responded, “You are so cruel. Why’d you let me go
into that seal’s mouth?”

When I answered that I could not stay his curiosity, he
simply swished his tail and glared at me. When we arrived
home, he refused to sit in his usual place on my lap and purr.
I gave him a dinner of deboned chicken, figuring he had
more than enough fish for the day.


About the Author

Stanley Yokell

Stanley Yokell is a retired professional engineer in his late nineties. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, where like many Coloradans, he has had a full life of outdoor activities. His published non-technical books are too numerous to list here. He began his career as an author on receiving a contract from McGraw-Hill Book Company to write A Working Guide to Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers, which sold out and is available only from second-hand dealers. McGraw-Hill followed with contracts to write Tubular Exchanger, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair, co-authored with Carl Andreone, who like Yokell was a Fellow of the ASME. His final technical work, which McGraw-Hill published in 2014 is Closed Feedwater Heaters for Power Generation: A Working Guide of which he was the lead author with co-authors Michael C. Catapano and Eric Svensson. Yokell continues to write short stories which he publishes on his website at

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