Old Times in Elizabethtown

A Memoir

by Stanley Yokell


Book Details

A Memoir of One Family’s Love Affair with Elizabethtown, New York

Old Times in Elizabethtown tells the story of a family's love affair with the Adirondack Park village of Elizabethtown, New York. It consists of individual stories about the people and place, each of which can be read as a complete story.


About the Author

Stanley Yokell

Stanley Yokell is a retired professional engineer who lives in Boulder, Colorado. Like many Colorado residents, he has had a full life of outdoor activities and remains physically active in his old age. He is a Fellow of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and a life member of other technical societies. He wrote, and McGraw-Hill published, three technical books, He has also written many technical papers published in technical society journals and magazines. His non-technical books are about a ship, based on his World War II service, a book about his coast-to-coast bicycle ride, books on scuba diving adventures, several murder mysteries, a philosophical work on the possibility of a secularist revolution, and two books of short stories. Yokell is widely traveled, having visited countries on all the continents except the Arctic and Antarctic. Now, in his late nineties, he enjoys his three children’s, five grandchildren’s and three great grandchildren’s visits. He continues to write short stories and is currently working on a murder mystery.

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