Funny People

Short Stories

by George M. Burnell


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What Readers Say About Funny People

Every story is a compelling read. You don’t want it to end and can’t wait for the next one to begin. Angela DeSarneaux, Desert Edge, CA Stories to ignite your thinking buoyed by an entertaining touch and humorous edge. Robin Anawalt, Las Vegas, NV Dr. George Burnell’s stories are fun, thought provoking and always an entertaining read. Art True, La Quinta, CA George Burnell takes you on a delightful journey of short stories that entertain, educate and surprise the reader, about ordinary and not so ordinary people. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Craig Himot, Berkeley, CA The main characters in these stories share a deep quiet compassion for others. Waiting to see what happens next in each story kept me engaged to the end, where each one touched me deeply, but with a feather touch that left me surprised and satisfied. Susan Moore, Hemet, CA Through captivating and humorous stories, the author gives us flashes of insight while opening our minds to a promising new world. An entertaining and provocative read. Henri Waisblat, Grenoble, France A delightfully eclectic collection of short stories. With dark and subtle humor, the author cleverly weaves these stories in a way that brings the characters to life. David Burnell, Winston-Salem, NC Entertaining. Informative, and amusing stories that every reader will enjoy. Elizabeth Ann Gomez, Atascadero, CA I have found these stories riveting, inventive, educational, and always captivating from the first page. Joan Lachkar, Sherman Oaks, CA Dr. Burnell educates and enchants us with his sometimes realistic, sometimes imaginative stories of life’s twists. Richard Seigle, Joshua Tree, CA


About the Author

George M. Burnell

Dr. Burnell lives in Palm Desert, California.

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