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What fortune does the World Fair bring Tumelo? He has no idea what the future has in store for him!

This is a story about two men from Africa who have a chance of a lifetime to live their dream of being known as the World’s Greatest Magicians! Unfortunately, neither one knew they would encounter another person at the World Fair that could interfere with their dream by using her own mystic abilities. What kind of evil is lurking around? Is there real magic to be discovered in a crystal ball? Does Tumelo have what it takes to overcome her devilish plan?


About the Author

Jarred Osbourn

Jarred Osbourn is the pen name used by this author. He is the creator of numerous stories and his name is Joshua Marren. Over the course of 14 years, Josh has written many stories and it has been his lifelong dream to be a published author. He is ready to convince you and avid readers of fantasy and fiction that Magic does exist. Josh has lived his whole life in rural towns in the West Central Countries of Indiana. When Josh was a baby he contracted a severe fever that left him with Autism. He has used his ability to create interesting characters and stories to deal with the continuous hardships he has faced growing up with Autism. Joshua’s writing style is to let his characters tell the story with very little narration or descriptive writing. He published his first book last year, “Warped Out” about a man who gets to experience his teenage years again in an era he truly loved, the 1990’s. Did he travel back in time, or was this a dream or ruse to deceive him? His current book, “Unfortunate Magic” will mystify the senses, keep you at the edge of your seat, anticipating the next turn of events. This story is filled with deceit, magic and a battle between good and evil. It is his hope that readers everywhere will enjoy his fascinating stories with twists and turns throughout the chapters, engaging the mind in fantasy and whimsical adventures, as much as he has enjoyed writing them. Joshua has added a bonus chapter, “Behind the Shadow”, at the end of this book. It’s an exciting short story about a young woman who encounters the supernatural world. Will she defeat this entity or end up a part of an evil family line that no one knew existed?

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