Joachim: The Heretic

by M. L. Stainer


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Historical Fiction, Action and Adventure

Reis and his master, the Jewish metallurgist Joachim Gans, return to England after the failed 1585 expedition. It was called “failed” because no large veins of copper were found. Once docked in Portsmouth, Reis hopes to accompany his master to London, to meet with Queen Elizabeth I. But Joachim takes a detour and returns him to his Uncle Allyn’s farm in Surrey. Reis gets into trouble and it isn’t until Joachim returns for him after a month that he is reprieved. After his meetings in London, Joachim finds himself on the road again with his young apprentice. In the bustling city of Bristol, Joachim plans to develop new ways to make saltpeter, a necessary item for the English Navy. But trouble begins when Joachim is confronted about his religious beliefs, denying Jesus Christ as the Son of God. He is taken to trial. The trial continues in London with Elizabeth’s Privy Council. But the high offices are reluctant to condemn him, for they aren’t sure what to do with a Jew. Joachim decides to return to his native land of Bohemia, leaving Reis working on the horse farm of a wealthy gentleman, building a new life for himself. Sequel to Joachim’s Magic


Book Excerpt

Then suddenly the minister switched to English. “I say that Jesus Christ is the Divinity.” Joachim quickly replied, “He is not the Son of God.” The men at the table were aghast at his words. The others in the tavern had heard as well. Some of them started to rise in anger. Seeing the questioning look on Curteys’s face, Joachim said, “There is but one God, who hath not wife nor child.” Richard Curteys put his drink down on the table, and said in a loud voice, “I did not hear you clearly, sir.” “What need hath God to have a son,” said Joachim calmly. “Is He not Almighty?” The entire tavern populace made the sign of the cross. Chairs were toppled over and Reis jumped up in alarm. Only Joachim continued to sit, still and calm, in the face of this uproar.


About the Author

M. L. Stainer

M. L. Stainer lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley area of New York State with her husband, Frank, and numerous dog and cat family members. Born in London, she holds degrees from Queens College, SUNY at New Paltz and Fordham University. She is a retired high school English teacher with many young adult novels, children’s stories and poetry to her credit. She writes under the pseudonym M. L. Stainer to honor her father.

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