Preacher's Kid

by Beverly Ann White


Book Details

Always neglected, often abused, never cherished, this child was a keen observer of the country and village and city folks who made up the congregations of her father’s fundamentalist churches. Housed in church basements, rented cottages, and parsonages, dressed in whatever could be salvaged from the mission barrel, and wearing her sagging socks inside her one pair of brown shoes per year, she was the eldest of three children born into the family for which the descriptor “dysfunctional family” was coined. While intently studying the lives of the people who filled the pews in her father’s churches, the preacher’s kid learned to discern a healthy family reality and sometimes succeeded in creating her own reality.


About the Author

Beverly Ann White

Beverly Ann White, author of Death Is A Place and Sassafras, A Quilt Journal, A Love Story About A Divorce is a graduate of Whitman College where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. She holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Eastern Washington University. She lives in Oregon with her husband of sixty years and their three dogs. “Turned out pretty good, huh, Dad?”

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