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Telepaths receive a series of Science Fiction stories from which develop a utopian movement to remake society into a psychic system.

On planet Horae, the young psychic adept Endo Valino is recruited to act as author of a series of Science Fiction novellas about a totally psychic Velvet World. The unscrupulous editor Tado Foleg manipulates a fan organization into a movement for utopian revolutionary change. The Velvet fans become a political organization led by Tado to aim for supreme power. But Endo becomes aware of this conspiracy and defeats it. Five of the Velvet novellas are included within the general novel.


About the Author

Clem Masloff

The writer has been involved with science fiction and speculative literature since teaching himself to read in 1941-42. He served in the Army as a linguist and translator in four Balkan Slavic languages. For several decades he taught sociology in Ohio after graduate research in Russian social history. In his years or official retirement, he has been writing Science Fiction, a return to dreams of the early 1940s.

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