Short Stories and Sketches

Tales from a Long Lifetime

by Stanley Yokell


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Short Stories and Sketches is in two parts: Part I is an anthology of fictional short stories the author has written over many years. Part II is a group of short stories and sketches. The short stories in part II are tales of happenings in the author’s life.


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THANK GOD I'M AN ATHEIST: My friend Richie came by the other day. We chatted for a while. He looked upset, so I asked what was troubling him. "I went to a lecture by Pat Robertson," he said. I asked, "Are you getting religion?" "Well," he said, "I've been thinking about it. You know it won't be too long until I pass on." "So why do you look so glum?" I asked. "Well, he scared the bejesus out of me with brimstone and hellfire. I'm a real sinner, bedded lots of women, swore a lot, stole a little, contributed to Planned Parenthood and I'm afraid of hellfire. Then he brightened up and said, "Thank God I'm an atheist.


About the Author

Stanley Yokell

Stanley Yokell is a retired professional engineer who lives in Boulder, Colorado. Like many Colorado residents, he has had a full life of outdoor activities. His published books include The Ship, a book about a landing ship tank (LST) that saw combat in the Pacific in WWII; The Ride, (written under the pen name S. Israel), about the author’s coast-to-coast bicycle trip to celebrate his 59th birthday; Dog Stories, about the important dogs in his life; House of Mirrors, an erotic novella; and Sex, Love and Erotic, an anthology of erotic stories, both written under his pen name; A Happy Life, his autobiography; An Old Timer’s Scuba Tales, an illustrated recounting of the author’s nearly 1,000 scuba dives; Murder at Plato House, the first in his series of murder mysteries; Old People, an anthology of stories about the elderly; Beneath the Surface, fictional tales of scuba diving; The Body in the Park, the second in his series of murder mysteries; The Murder on the Mall, the third in the series of murder mysteries; 2084 The Secularist Revolution, a tale of how technology upset the power of religion over people; and The Foothills Mystery, the story of the mysterious death of a solo rock climber. His technical books, all published by McGraw-Hill are: A Working Guide to Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers, 1990; Tubular Exchanger Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair, written with Carl F. Andreone, 1997; and Closed Feedwater Heaters for Power Generation: A Working Guide, written with Michael C. Catapano and Eric Svensson.

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