A Little Book of American Haiku

by Stanley Yokell


Book Details

A Little Book of American Haiku

A Little Book of American Haiku is filled with classic style. This is a book of Haiku written in English. It follows the classic Japanese style in which the first three lines of each haiku has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables and the third has five. The haiku in this book cover topics beginning with the Ten Commandments and the Bill of Rights, followed by ones about love, longing, life, and death, politics and morality.


Book Excerpt

God spoke to Moses. High in Sinai’s dry desert. Gave ten commandments. Have no gods but me. Said the jealous creator. Or suffer your fate. Make no golden calves, Or other brazen idols. Sinful behavior. Say not vainly God. His name is holy to all. Punished are swearers. No work on Sabbath. Six days work; rest the seventh. Keep Sabbath holy. Honor mom and dad, Who brought you into the world, And loved you always. You shall not murder, Except perhaps during war. Can you kill guilt free? No adultery. Only one spouse permitted. Includes prostitutes. You shall not steal things. Stealing is sinful to God. You end up in jail.


About the Author

Stanley Yokell

This is the author's first book that expresses his thoughts using the Japanese haiku format. Stanley Yokell is a retired professional Engineer who lives in Boulder, Colorado. Like many Colorado residents, he has lived a life full of outdoor activities. He has written or co-authored three technical books and 17 non-technical books on a wide variety of subjects that include erotica, short stories about dogs, the elderly, novels about a world war II landing ship tank (LST) that saw action in the pacific ocean, a cross-country bicycle ride,science fiction, and four mystery novels.

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