A Mississippi Man

by Giulia L. Saucier


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A Mississippi Man

In 1943 Gene Saucier’s father, Al, bought him 160 acres of cutover timberland northeast of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, on the condition he would turn the land into a cattle farm. By accepting this challenge, the eleven-year-old boy developed skills that made him successful in all the paths he would follow in life as pilot, builder, cattle farmer, importer, dean of a university, tree farmer and legislator. Both as cattle farmer and tree farmer Saucier continued a family tradition begun over 300 years ago by the Sauciers living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, a story told in the author’s recent book, “A Mississippi First Family.” His story is not only of a Mississippi man, but of an American who loves deeply his state and his nation.


About the Author

Giulia L. Saucier

Marriage to a Mississippi man thirty-five years ago revealed to the author a way of life and a people far removed from the stereotypical image held of Mississippi by many in the rest of the nation. A graduate of Florida State University, Smith College, and the University of Southern Mississippi where she earned her Ph.D., Giulia L. Saucier lives on a tree farm in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with her husband whose French ancestors settled on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1699.

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