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Nine Differing Species of Human Shapeshifters

Provincia presents a world where a tenth of the population consists of shapeshifting humans with biform natures. Some varieties are selfish and evil, others are warm-hearted and generous. Diploids are as variegated as the humans around them. Their natures are revealed in a series of conflicts they are involved in. Blood-thirsty harpines, flying sylphine nurses, underground gnomi miners, turtle-like testudinals, oceanic ondinals, blue bear ursines, chatan wildcats, oranoid orangutans, and primate knuckle-walkers participate in the adventures of three primary protagonists. In the end, a way is found of reconciling troubled humans with their secondary diploid forms.


About the Author

Clem Masloff

Clem Masloff taught himself to read in 1941-42. Since then, he has explored speculative literature, focusing upon science fiction. As an Army linguist, he worked with four Balkan languages and explored the mythical creatures of the Balkans, especially shapeshifters. He spent several decades in university teaching and his retirement in allowing his imagination freely write.

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