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McGowan is back!

Just when former counterterrorist operative Bruce McGowan has finally become comfortable in his retirement, the leader of the free world and his wife decide to spend a pre-Christmas weekend with the McGowans at their charming bed and breakfast retreat, Wolf Laurel. However, the President of the United States is scarcely settled in with his protection detail when Wolf Laurel suddenly comes under a deadly attack by a previously unknown terrorist faction bent on taking the President hostage until the group’s demands are met. This 5th installment in the McGowan series finds the President now compelled to trust only one man for his protection. Can Bruce arrange to get the President safely returned to Washington on his own while the insurgents, who are leaving scores of innocents in their wake, continue their relentless hunt for Eagle One? And will the terrorists actually follow through with their threat of detonating a radioactive dispersion device in city after city until the President surrenders, wreaking even greater devastation than was realized on 9-11? All the ingredients McGowan fans enjoy are here...edge of your seat intrigue, non-stop action, violent execution, unforeseen betrayal, and dogged resolve on the part of America’s most daunting former G man. But let’s not leave out those timely splashes of Bruce’s witty humor. In this slam-bang terrorist novel, you will again find McGowan operating at his unrelenting best.


About the Author

Lee Martin

Lee Martin, a native of West Virginia lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Retired from the U.S. Army with the rank of Colonel, he has a Doctorate in Counseling and is an adjunct professor teaching courses in Psychology at Mercer University. Lee is the author of twelve other novels.

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