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An Inspirational True Story of Love, Betrayal, Tragedy and Courage!

It had been ten long years since Katie Munson divorced her husband, Darren Munson. In the wake of his rage and violent abuse, the single mother of four young children had, at last, found peace, happiness and stability. In the summer of 1977, Katie married Burt Pomerance, who brought joy, security and love into their lives…and Katie’s children finally had the kind of father they deserved and could be proud of. Having vacated their home in Stone Valley, Minnesota, the small-town Munson kids faced many new challenges and people in the city. Soon after moving to Lumberton, some strange and unbelievable things started happening. The young Munson children learn some harsh realities as they assert their independence as teenagers…and when a terrible tragedy befalls one of the Munson children, their lives are turned completely upside down. Life as they knew it would never be the same. Throughout this journey of self-discovery into adulthood, the Munson siblings realize their battles have only just begun, for it will be revealed to some that true love, once attained, is often contaminated with heartbreak, disappointment and betrayal. Overflowing with nostalgia, history, music, suspense and shocking events, there’s something for everyone in this thrilling joyride back through the 1980s (the decade of AIDS, MTV and “yuppies”). In this heart-pounding, jaw-dropping third installment, the Munson/Pomerance family encounter one obstacle after another, weathering their storms together as a family, and independently from one another, as they navigate the river of life, in search of “the good stuff.”


About the Author

Vickie McGillis

This is the third novel in the “Detours” book series by Vickie McGillis, an award-winning published poet and proud supporter of various charities to benefit humanity, animal welfare, wildlife and planet conservation. Vickie is a native of Winona, Minnesota, where she and her husband reside with their rescued four-legged companions.

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