Joshua Steele

Complete The Wheel

by Bob Manuele


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What Lives They Lived!

Quantar has been vanquished. Josh and Laura have moved on to the Highest Realm of existence, and the Steele family and their friends have returned to Eothes to resume their lives. The big question now is: What do you do with your life after you’ve saved the universe from domination by the prince of evil? Answer: You live life to the fullest because - Life Rocs! It is the eighty-fifth Christmas Eve celebration since the fall of Quantar. It is also the first Christmas without any of the original Steele siblings or any of their friends. While waiting for midnight, the younger children clamored to hear the stories about how Noah ended up as the most powerful living Guardian in the universe – Zack’s surprising engagement – Tony’s twins – Alan’s success in the NFL and Governor Kyle Iverson. Of course, they couldn’t leave out the stories about how Noah and Aaron ended up as slaves on Temazup or how Zack was subjected to a body invasion by an unknown entity that almost sent him over the edge. The stories continued as they all waited and wondered about what would be different this Christmas, now that Josh, his siblings, and their friends had all transitioned. As the old grandfather clock started its midnight chimes, everyone held their breath with curious anticipation.


About the Author

Bob Manuele

After writing a well-received fan fiction story, Bob Manuele’s friends and coworkers pushed him to write an original novel. The Joshua Steele series is the result of that encouragement. Bob lives in the southwest United States.

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