by Jerry Turner


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Incredible tales of the goings-on in a remote, enchanting farmhouse in France

There was hardly a dull moment in or around this 19th century beauteous farmhouse called Grange de Grotte, tucked away in secluded grounds in a quaint little hamlet in rural Franche-Comté. The amusing, exhilarating, experiences enjoyed over a span of thirty years are striking. The revelations of determination and having to become a dab hand at almost anything in order to renovate the property are amazing and absolutely true. This book is a compelling memoir of anxiety, emotions, frustration, humor, moments of joy, and tear-jerking anguish. Chaussenans is a realistic family saga that is both poignant and beautifully told.


About the Author

Jerry Turner

Jerry Turner, author of Downside Road, portrays life in rural France whilst living in a run-down farmhouse. Buying the property was almost inconceivable, the subsequent financing and renovating took a little longer. Though the experiences may fade with the passage of time, the memories will last forever.

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