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Murder sends young Falcon Rose, daughter of the captain of the king’s guard and his wife, a renown healer, on an adventure of learning, magic, and self-discovery. Befriended by a mysterious entity and taken in by the kindly master of Corhaven, she determines to become a warrior and honor the memory of her father by taking up his oath to serve and protect the royal family of Esling. When challenged to a quest which will forever change not only her life but the lives of everyone she knows and loves, Falcon must utilize every bit of her training, her cunning, and her courage. Elemental wizardry, simple magic, and the passion of a remarkable young woman combine in an exciting adventure you won’t soon forget.


About the Author

T.S. Mos

T.S. MOS lives in semi-seclusion in rural Indiana with her husband, three dogs, six cats, and other assorted creatures. Having written for the enjoyment of friends and family for over 20 years, she wrote her first book, “Cat’s Tale”, in response to a challenge from a childhood friend. After taking time off to master weaving, spinning, and other fiber arts, she now returns to her one great love, writing.



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