This Guy That Guy


by L.S. Davis


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G. Good T. Toilet M. Material Wash your hands


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L.S. Davis

Growing up I always loved to doodle, but I always seemed to pick the worse time to doodle. I got in trouble a lot! I didn’t fight, or curse, or steal, or even back talk my teachers, I just doodled. I could never understand why it was so bad for me to doodle, I wasn’t bothering anybody by doing it? I was always told that it was a distraction, and that it would never do anything for me other than waste my time. Well, they were wrong. I am a very proud father of a daughter who has an even bigger imagination than I did as a kid and we “waste a lot of time” together. She inspired me to write and illustrate MAGGIE and she continues to inspire me! So, for everybody who has something that they do that may be a waste of time to others, waste your time! It’s worth it!

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