In Search of Magnificence

A Collection of Poems

by Babru Bahan Samal


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In Search of Magnificence

‘In Search of Magnificence’ is a collection of poems by Babru Samal, a scientist, a photographer and a poet with a unique way of looking at things around him. These poems reflect his journey through cultural landscapes of east and west, of emotion and logic and span various aspects of our experience and notions in our lives. The theme of the collection is to experience magnificence in our mundane life and derive amazement by changing the way we look at the creation which we selectively overlook to be in our comfort zone. The life offers us a plethora of physical and emotional stimuli to enrich our moments. The minute of these moments make the body of this collection. The collection intrigues us ‘About God’, ‘About the universe’ and ‘About life’. It looks into the world of immigrants, who recreate a world wherever they go to resemble the world they left behind in their native land. The section on ‘Bemusing about the other half’ looks into the allurement of womanhood and ‘My world as I see it’ delineates the rapids of our emotions about the rapidly integrating cultures of the world that is so fascinating and sometimes overwhelming.


Book Excerpt

COMPLEXITY WITHIN ELEGANCE Have you noticed? When things get simpler More beautiful, slick and handy User friendly and multitasking Inside they become much more complex With many more intricate designs Complex software and hardware Reduced in size but increased in complexity. Now look at you Look at every living being Mobile or stationary The same rule is also at play. An amoeba, a single cell, very simple inside Enough capability to feed and divide But not much else. Compare that with flowers or Us, the human beings Where beauty is in so many varieties In so many ways our brain works To see, feel, kiss and make love Write poetry or put probes on Mars. Our elegant simple forms Only betray millions of processes Taking place inside each of us To let us enjoy our days As living beings. … IT IS ALL IN THE PACKAGING You are so beautiful to me In all your avatars In all your forms From the tiniest to the largest From flowers to Miss Universe So wonderfully packaged To attract my admiration and awe. Inside all your avatars Like the inside of my computer or mobile phone Complexity reigns To make the entity survive To make the signal flow smoothly The complexity covered with A very elegant packaging This packaging Makes hearts throb In excitement or fear Makes thousands crabs and snakes And others including us Participate in the ritual of romance To initiate the process of Creating beautiful packages. ... THE UNIVERSE WITHIN Our mind Deep, fathomless Filled with intricate inter-twinning cascades Of thoughts and fantasies To swim with no boundary Imagination like pearls Incubates inside the shells of memories Feeding on the ideas and wisdom They undergo metamorphosis By riding the vehicle of alphabets And animated by our voice To live for ever Desires and wishes Fill in the caravan of past events Either as trophies Or in caskets of sheer frustration Both are treasured As beacons and pathfinders For future pursuits Like cactus flowers Succulent and splendid Sweet memories of long lost moments Lie surrounded by abundance of thorns Of hard times and hard work ... THE BARRIER REEF Before I learn a language Be it Sanskrit, German, Chinese or Spanish It is all noise to me Makes no sense Something to laugh about By lampooning it I am sure Other people do the same When I speak my language Odia Languages bridge gaps Also divide people One from another on language lines I wonder about those birds Bees and crickets Or the monkeys And ants Communicating with each other but within species About food and mates Those languages are beyond my comprehension Nothing to laugh at but my ignorance. ...


About the Author

Babru Bahan Samal

Babru Samal was born in India and got Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Southern California. Exposure to world culture and science has instilled a unique mindset that is evident in these poems. He lives in Rockville, Maryland, USA. In addition to literature he enjoys photography and traveling.