Meditations of a Safety Guy

by Seneca Medici


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Earn the Respect You Deserve as a Safety Professional

Many jobs have an element of danger—especially jobs involving physical production. From manufacturing floors to road crews and everything in between, employers need to enforce regulations from OSHA, EPA, ATF, DOT, etc. The Safety Guy is the liaison between employers and operations, who assesses liability, establishes protocols to avoid injuries and illnesses, and helps with practical and organizational protocols when something goes wrong. Armed with employer expectations and federal regulations, the Safety Guy has to communicate effectively with the employees on the ground. If you’re already in the profession, you know that it’s a hard job. Although it seems that people should have an innate drive not to get hurt, the survival instinct is often at war with ego…so how do you convince people to listen to you? Meditations of a Safety Guy is the book you need to answer that question. It focuses on how the Safety Guy role gets a bad name in many businesses, and offers smart, practical suggestions for how to change employee perception of your role. You’ll learn how to influence rather than threaten, and how to rethink safety programs to be more inclusive, putting you as well as operations more directly in the loop. A unique and in-depth examination of a critically important job, Meditations of a Safety Guy is a valuable resource for safety professionals, management, and employees affected by safety regulations.


About the Author

Seneca Medici

SENECA MEDICI brings years of insightful, detailed experience to the safety profession. As a dedicated student of people and of life, he has a uniquely valuable perspective on how to improve perception and experience for management and employees.

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