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Old People is a series of related stories about old people, their children and their contemporaries. It is based upon the author’s observations of old people throughout his life and the residents of the retirement home where he lives. The stories follow the lives and some deaths of some residents of Colorado. With few exceptions most of the old people came from other places because of work transfers, to relocate their businesses, or to retire. As the people in the story age, they move to retirement homes. The fictional one in these stories is The Rest Place. Many of the stories are about the people living there and their interactions with each other.


About the Author

Stanley Yokell

Stanley Yokell is a retired Professional Engineer who lives in a retirement community in Boulder, Colorado, where, on an ad hoc basis for selected clients, he still does consulting on tubular heat transfer equipment. His technical books are A Working Guide to Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers, 1990, Tubular Exchanger Inspection Maintenance & Repair written with Carl F. Andreone, 1970, and Closed Feedwater Heaters for Power Generation: A Working Guide, 2014,written with Michael C. Catapano and Eric Svensson. McGraw-Hill published the three technical books. His autobiographical, true story, and fictional books are The Ship, Xlibris, Philadelphia, 2007. The Ride, Xlibris, Philadelphia, 2008, written under the pen name S. Israel. Dog Stories, Xlibris, Philadelphia, 2009. House of Mirrors, Amorous Ink, Indianapolis, 2011, written under the pen name S. Israel. A Happy Life,, New York 2011. An Old Timer’s Scuba Tales,, New York, 2012. Love, Sex and Erotic, Amorous Ink, Indianapolis, 2012, written under the pen name S. Israel. Murder at Plato House, Vanguard Media, 2012. Old People,, 2013. The Body in the Park, Outskirts, Press, 2013. 2084 The Secularist Revolution, Outskirts, Press, 2014, and The Murder on the Mall Outskirts, Press, 2013.

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