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Facing A Foe Like No Other!

The joy shared by the reunited Steele siblings is short-lived. The filters protecting Eothes have begun to break down. Seemingly natural disasters begin to plague the unsuspecting residents of the planet compelling the Steeles and their friends into action. A shocking loss drives one member of the family to the brink of self-destruction. Reeling from the recent tragic events on Eothes, the Steeles and their friends journey to Tortenqua in order to find their parents…and Sir Quantar. Upon their arrival on Tortenqua the portal seals itself, trapping the family and their friends on the hellish plane that Quantar calls home. The foreboding landscape is only a preview to unspeakable dangers and astounding revelations. Their determination is periodically tested by horrors, fears and self-doubts. In order to survive, they will need to depend on each other as well as their individual skills and gifts. The long-awaited confrontation between Joshua Steele and Sir Quantar is finally at hand.


About the Author

Bob Manuele

After writing a well-received fan fiction story, Bob Manuele’s friends and coworkers pushed him to write an original story. The Joshua Steele series is the result of that push. White Fire is the 4th book in that series. Bob lives in the desert southwest and works for a major airline.

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