Fragments of Possible Meaning

A Discovery Guide

by Carolyn J. Sweers


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The book contains 99 short selections (”Fragments”) intended to encourage reflection and the insights that often result. The 99 are grouped into categories: Beginnings, Time, Aspirations, Paths, Challenges, Identity, Relationships, Possessions, Mystery. The book lends itself to random sampling. Most pages have more blank space than words so that readers can add reflections of their own.


About the Author

Carolyn J. Sweers

Carolyn Sweers grew up on an Iowa farm. Her philosophically tinged reflections on her childhood experiences were published by Outskirts Press: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. She has graduate degrees in philosophy and has had almost a half century of teaching introduction to philosophy in high schools and older adult programs. She agrees with Socrates that the examined life is an enhanced life.

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