The Button Chronicles

by Juniko Moody


Book Details

The first in a series, this is a high concept futuristic mystery with quantum physics, the paranormal and Buttons of questionable origin that cause the disappearance of billions.

One day in the dystopian 22nd century, harmless looking Buttons gradually appear from nowhere. When pressed the person disappears. Where do the Buttons come from and where do the people go? No one knows.

Eventually a threshold event, in which a terrorist is broadcast disappearing by Button, triggers a massive increase in the number of Buttons until there is one Button for every person on earth.

The social upheaval of mass and random disappearances questions mankind's very existence and purpose.

A journalist, Alice, must travel down the wormhole to explore the fabric of space, time, matter and the essence of humankind to save herself and others.

Can Alice unravel the secrets of the Buttons and her missing friend before time runs out?


Book Excerpt

He pulled the seal off and lifted the dome. He was ready to enter another world. He was not sure what that world would be, but with UFO in full force, he was sure that world would be better than this one, as all fear was melting away and a glimmer of something better remained. He was not looking forward to tomorrow morning after the high, as he knew that would be one major letdown. It usually took days to overcome. The Button was oddly becoming more ethereal. In his altered state it seemed to glow and waver in the air. Desperately wanting to leave this place, he pushed the button.

In a flash of light he was gone.

And so was The Button.


About the Author

Juniko Moody

Juniko Moody worked on motion pictures for years as an artist and educator. She now turns her attention to storytelling and exploring the boundaries of mankind.