Living In The Shadows Of Love And Happiness


by HDS


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You Cannot Play In My Sandbox Anymore!

"Greetings to all, as we voluntarily set sail from the Motherland, to the Diaspora, and Beyond. You cannot play in my Sand Box anymore!" Our boys will grow up to become young men and our girls will grow up to become young women. They should evolve to become Kings and Queens and their children born as princes and princesses all in a world that reviles them and envies their right to existence, with disdain. Woe to those who are in denial; we have something for them to reckon with, and try with all their might to "indoctrinate or destroy" only to fail, wholesale. Please read this story to find out where you stand "Living in the shadows between love and happiness." HDS "Harold, you are erudite." -L. Kirshbaum, Literary professional. "Find out where you stand." -T. Wingfield, Retired Army Veteran. "Great synopsis of our History." -J. Johnson, Entrepreneur


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It is your skin color that is profiled and not your intellect or profession. Inspiring, factual, enlightening, and educational, a must read for all ages of people of African descent from the Motherland, the Diaspora, and Beyond.......


About the Author


HDS is an African American Male, descendent of Slaves, Father, Husband, Serial Entrepreneur and College graduate; please listen to all of your children! I will tithe ten percent (10%) of the profits from "Living in the Shadows of Love and Happiness" to community based outreach needs efforts. Be confident in what you do, have fun and enjoy the discoveries of endless treasures on your journey in life from The Motherland, The Diaspora and Beyond! UNSHACKLED

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