The Next Mirage

by Kregg P.J. Jorgenson


Book Details

The Secret War in Afghanistan—1986

“A fun, rollicking romp…1/3 Hemingway, 1/3 Hunter S. Thompson, and 1/3 Kerouac.’ —S.A. Bailey, author of the Jeb Shaw series; The Rain Came Down, The Lines We Cross, and Edge of the City. “The Next Mirage, the latest military adventure novel by Kregg Jorgenson, has it all: U.S. Army, Infantry, Germany in the 1980s, the Cold War and Foreign intrigue, Afghan Mujahideen fighting the Soviets, exotic women, adventure, machismo, and sex. It’s all here in this paean to ‘Old School Grunts,’ and an era, sadly past.” —CPT. Rob Krott, former Chief Correspondent Solider of Fortune magazine, and author of Save The Last Bullet For Yourself: A Soldier of Fortune in the Balkans and Somalia “Action/ Adventure with top notch humor!” —Action/Adventure Books Operation Cyclone was the CIA’s mission to teach and supply the Afghan Freedom Fighters with Stinger missiles to thwart the Soviet air power over the war-torn country. But nothing was what it seemed for the small teams of ‘military assets’ that had to carry out the dangerous task. The Next Mirage is dark humor and gripping action that will entertain you from cover-to-cover!


About the Author

Kregg P.J. Jorgenson

Kregg P.J. Jorgenson is the bestselling author of the Vietnam War classic, ACCEPTABLE LOSS’ An Infantry Soldier’s Perspective, and of such award winning novels as Stalking the Dragon—the 10th Anniversary Edition, and Clubs Are Trumps—The Road from Plum Run. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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