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Family bloodlines sealed her fate

“What are you doing?” Faith yelled. The figure stopped, his arm raised in midair. His head turned slowly to look at Faith. She gasped when she saw his grimacing white demon face, like the mask of a Japanese Kabuki dancer, with coal black eyes and blood red snarling lips. “What in the hell are you?” she demanded to know, but received no reply. “Step away from that baby!” she commanded. The figure ignored her and turned its attention back to the child. At fifty years old, Faith Tanner discovered that her life is only just beginning when she’s asked to work with her guardian angel. She didn’t know that she had been training for this work all her life. The dreams, visions, and tests she had to pass in order to prepare her for the unknown. Preparations that brought her face to face with dark forces determined to stop her. What good is free will if it isn’t truly free? How can she choose whether or not she’s willing to save those she is sent to protect? Especially when it could mean her own death.


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Susan F. Pruitt

Susan Pruitt has been studying the metaphysical realm for more than twenty-five years. She lives in Southern California with her husband and youngest son.

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